We are

A diverse human group, composed of people with different interests, willing to help and inform in a timely manner.

One of the main motivations that moves us and gives us energy to exercise our work is that we love the place where we develop our office.


That is why every day started is a new adventure to face. Always one different from the other. The daily life ceases to be everyday. From a walk through the village to climb an active volcano.


Every day is a valuable experience. And that is what we try to convey to our visitors. The magic of each place. Its history, its past and its present. Our main interest is that every passenger return home impregnated with all this magic, that same captivated us and made us decide to move so far from everything and everyone.


Our challenge is to strengthen our communication link with our passengers while they visit San Pedro de Atacama, so that they feel confident and safe. Creativity is also a challenge to follow. Working for new horizons and then sharing them with those we believe will enjoy as much as we do.


We are more than a team. We are Casa Campestre